Flooding has always caused a problem in Severn Stoke .


The flooding of 2007 were widespread and devastating, although the levels were not as high as the 1947 flooding it was just as damaging. A number of residences and places of work were flooded and a number were still empty at the start of 2008.

The Rose and Crown public House was Under water in July of 2007 and opened again for business in March 2008. In 1947 Sam Devereux although inconvenienced by the flood merely gave the stone floors a wash through with fresh water and it was business as usual within a few days, but now with our home comforts of carpeting, essential electrical equipment and the health and safety of the public the out come of modern day flooding is completely different.

An eager customer for the Rose and Crown, sadly it was closed.

Mr Reville at his farm inspecting the crop damage.

An early picture of the flood plain.

The Postman Mr Lampitt showing his balance on leaving the Police station (now demolished ) on a regular flooding occurrence  in Severn Stoke.