Severn Stoke Cricket Club

Severn Stoke Cricket Club has been in existence since at least the 1840s and has been fortunate in having the use of the field on Cubsmore.In 1849 it was recorded that Severn Stoke beat Worcestershire by 5 wickets in a match played at Ombersley (this was before Worcestershire attained first class status). With the advent of the Second World war the Government clamped down on all forms of sport. But in 1941 the newly constructed airfield at Defford meant a number of Service personnel wanted to play a few games of cricket. It was agreed that eight or ten games of cricket would be allowed, and well used by both service staff and Home Guard members.

Now the Severn Stoke Cricket Club is little. used and has demised to such a state that it is very sad to see the run down pavilion literally falling down and in disrepair. Where once the Summer sound of leather on willow is now substituted with the sound of swallows swooping low over the meadows and nesting in the rafters. The pictures below show their present state.

The toilets.

The club house

The changing room.


Severn Stoke Cricket Club Men V Ladies 1951